Why should I hire Frank Enderle to sell my house?

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Here are 9 reasons WHY you should “HIRE”  FRANK ENDERLE to sell your home!

1.  All You Have to Do...  Is Let me work for you!

I will make sure you don’t spend time or money on stuff that’s not important. While you’re thinking “bathroom remodel,” It may be as simple as a fresh coat of paint…

ROI (Return ON Investment) will dictate what big house projects are worth doing to sell your home.  Fresh Eyes really help!



2. A Good Real Estate Agent Is Objective... You may Not be.

Whether you’ve lived in your home for 2 years or 20, you undoubtedly have a highlight reel of memories, and probably some loyalty too. Who wouldn’t feel that toward something that’s kept their family warm, dry and safe for years? For maximum negotiating power, don’t mix emotions with money.  Fresh Set of Eyes!



3. You Get a professional to market your home!

A professional Realtor has a go-to photographer who will snap your house in its best light, with the best lenses from the best angles.  Also, one big item overlooked is   make sure your swimming pool is clean, dining Table is set!



4. Thinking of Selling a House Without an Agent... Remember, Price Does Matter!

Pricing a home for sale, as well as price drops  are both an art and a science, a gift and a skill. If you do it wrong, you’re going to mess this whole home sale thing up. 



5. Budget Talk is Expensive...

Discount brokers will sell your house for less commission, but, you will lose in the long run!  Real Estate Pros,  don’t do sales for free,  It cost too much money to market the home.  I get MY clients MORE MONEY FOR THEIR HOME! 



6. Exposure is Everything...

If you’re working with a real estate agent, your listing is on MLS. It’s on all the major online real estate sites. Keller Williams is the largest Agency by Agent count 3 years running!!  We also have a lot of in house marketing to help you sell your home!



7. You Get to Go to Dinner Instead...

With me as your selling agent, the timing doesn’t matter. All the bend-over-backward accommodation falls in my lap. It doesn’t matter if the buyer has an agent or not. It doesn’t matter if you have appointments after work. Your only job during this time is don’t show up at your house. Go have dinner with your family. Go see a movie during a Sunday open house.



8. Realtors Offer You Their buying and selling Senses...

Good real estate agents have a mighty mashup of education and experience. I am  both street smart and book smart.  I can steer you clear of red flags you wouldn’t know to look out for on your own.



9. Real Estate Agents / I am a Closers...

Say you’ve decided to go this process without an agent. You staged, listed and found a buyer all on your own. Though it seems like the process is coming to an end, the paperwork has only just begun.  I can help you!  And get you more money with less hassle!




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