Why am I running for Thousand Oaks City Council?

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I have Lived and Worked in Thousand Oak for over 20 years...

My family lives here! I believe in family values!! As a Realtor, I want to help to increase our property values, while keeping the topography of Thousand Oaks beautiful,  and make Thousand Oaks a  safer place to live!! As a coach, the most important part of sports, that is rarely taught... "take what the field gives you!!" That ability to adapt to a situation has helped me in my life,  I am open-minded and I want to be the voice of the people, not rule the people!   We all need to do a better job! We need to work together to make Thousand Oaks even better!  TO  STRONG!

I am pro Growth and Business-friendly!!  Being pro-growth doesn't mean I am against Measure E, but we do need to accommodate housing shortage while keeping the topography of the land of Thousand Oaks. Any Growth would have to be a WIN/WIN!!   I DO NOT... want Thousand Oaks to become another San Fernando Valley!!   We need to work for small businesses, with the COVID19  Shutdown, they were harmed and need help!! we need to get a game plan to get these businesses back on their feet!!  Make sure they know what Federal programs that are out there and, get a committee to help them!! As a homeowner in Newbury Park,  I see how a Costco with a gas station would have been a great addition to our community!! To lose that deal it was a lose/lose!! I will not lose that deal!!    

COVID19: We need to get back to normal! COVID19 this is a virus that harms the elderly and compromised people! Why are we not protecting those people?! Why are the healthy being quarantined? And small businesses being bankrupt?  We need to help those small businesses get back on their feet!! Again we are not protecting the compromised!! The children are not at risk, they need to go back to school!!  We are in lockdown hurting our economy and hurting our people!! Suicide rates are way up!! We need a plan to protect the people at risk and get the people who are not at risk back to normal!  

All the Fires in Thousand Oaks. The past few years the fires have been out of control!! The news media was not reporting accurately, and we as a city need to make a response system, a place for all our citizens to get accurate information about potential dangers! We need to get a plan to stop fires from being started when the winds come!!   We need more brush clearance! And we need harsher punishment for people who are caught setting fires!! Again, a game plan to fix this!! I fully support our local Fire department!

Homeless is on the rise We have a growing problem with the homeless! I am against letting them sleep on public streets! I am against letting them walk our streets being high on drugs or alcohol  I am against allowing them to panhandle on our streets!! If we allow this more will come!! I am for helping them get back on their feet!! We need to be compassionate, and we need a game plan to fix this growing problem!! 

Defund the police? WE NEED MORE POLICE! Without law and order, there is anarchy!!  They protect and serve, and I thank them for what they do!  The problem is our courts are releasing criminals from our jails. Protecting the criminals but not our citizens?? I am for harsher punishments!! to deture crime! Thousand Oaks is not a racists community! I have lived my life by judging people by the merits of what they do, and never by the color of their skin! Racism is  tearing us apart, We need to bring EVERYONE TOGETHER!! I fully Support our Sheriff and Police Department

NO ON Prop 15 Our government trying to trick people again and Prop 13 is in jeopardy…"HEADS UP CALIFORNIA" - He Did it!! AG BECERRA got the major property tax increase on the ballot. Your PROPERTY TAX INCREASES are on the launch pad. California politicians are trying to repeal prop 13 by slipping it under the radar. California's Attorney General, XAVIER BECERRA is putting together plans to raise property tax revenue by eliminating the only thing keeping some peoples’ property tax from skyrocketing. 

 Please e-mail me your thoughts!! As I am accountable to you...  frankenderle@me.com

The people of Thousand Oaks!!  Let me know what you think!


            Frank Enderle

        Thousand Oaks City Council 


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